Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my followers, this year my plan is to blog! this is my first to see where it ends up.  Below is a watercolour painting of 5 nosey hens, one with chicks under neath her and another looking and saying what are you hiding under there?  It is 56cm x 39 cm.  For further details please contact me,   through my web site www.claireweeksart.co.uk.


Hen picture with chicks

What are you hiding under there?

I will be putting my paint brush to paper next week.  The Hunter Gallery in Long Melford and Earsham Hall Gallery have been busy selling pictures over Christmas.


Above, Percival a heat resistant glass platter, all my tableware has been very popular over Christmas, please see other heat resistant glass products and melamine on my web site.

As I decide what fairs and exhibitions I am doing I will keep you posted, and any competitions I run.


Vera my Lakenvelda  This is one of my 6 hens Vera, in the summer she took to roosting in a conifer, she was very cross when we cut it down! she is now back in the hen house.

Just a thought if anyone out there is a children’s author and would like to work with me and my art work please get in touch.

Thank you