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The images portrayed in Claire Weeks’ cheerful and entertaining hen, chicken and cockerel paintings are now available in a range of quality kitchenware animal placemats and animal coasters.  Made in Britain to the very best  quality, these table mats will last many years.

The range of melamine round table mats are cork backed and measure 11″/28 cm or 10″/25.5 cms diameter and 0.6 cm thick,  they are thick to last and not warp.   There are 8 different mats in the set, all with a characteristic name.  Sold in packs of 4 mats called Pack A and Pack B.  You can purchase mats individually if you prefer.

Pack A consists of Rufus, Percival, Pandora and Prunella

Pack B consists of Wicked Hen,His Majesty, Feathers in a Twist and Clowning Around

11″/28 cms £34.00 for 4 different mats or a special price £64.00 for 8 different mats

10″/25.5 cms £32.00 for 4 different mats or a special price of £60.00 for 8 different mats

There is a complementary range of  coasters in melamine or glass.

There are 4 melamine serving mats to complement the place mats, or heat resistant glass platters to 260c please see that section.

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