Worktop savers

Purple Preen work top saver with casseroleGlass worktop savers

Bringing Art into the kitchen on to a functional item.

Being smooth these worktop savers are perfect for rolling pastry, as well as standing beside your cooker for hot pans and dishes.

Uk made,  priced at £25.00, measure 15.5″ x 12″ / 38cm x 30cm and are produced in a toughened smooth finish which is heat resistant to 260°C.

Six different designs are available:


Stag Party: 3 Cockerels on tour, lovely yellows, orange and green

Do-si-Do: A cockerel and hen doing the Do-si-Do Blue, purple, orange and a bit of green

Come Dancing: A lively hen and cockerel in reds and oranges

Hen Party: 6 hens in browns, gold black and bit of blue

Lord and Lady Cluckingham: An elegant Lord and Lady Cluckingham in golds,  a bit of pink in the back ground

Purple Preen: lovely purples, pinks and browns.

I do have 3 designs in chinchilla surface, if you are wanting to use your work top saver for a lot of chopping, some people prefer the chinchilla surface.

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